The Best mobile Solitaire Card Game you can play absolutely anywhere!

Hello, there and welcome to our entertaining Solitaire Card Game world! Solitaire Card Game is FREE, so you can enjoy it without any damage to your pocket. Being a Solitaire lover for a long time or just looking for new ways of passing time in between work or studies? Here is the most amusing game out there. Become part of our engaging community while training your brain and have the most fun time you can ever imagine. Have a short break or a couple of hours playing tournaments, play at your own pace and select between different game modes.

Caution! Our game is highly addictive, once you start playing you cannot stop. While after a few rounds in most of the games you quickly get bored, with Solitaire Card Game you can go on and on for hours. In Solitaire Card game you can even play in Offline mode, so even on the North Pole, you have fun!

The game is developed according to traditional Solitaire Standards, so you can enjoy the beautiful classy look, empowered with rich graphics and highly aesthetic design. Best developers and designers worked hard to create the Solitaire Card game for you, so the user experience would be smooth and game logic friendly and simple.

So invite your friends through social networks or play with people all over the world and become a Solitaire Card Game Champ! Download it for FREE and start playing!

Solitaire Card Game Strategy

The objective of the game is to place all cards from the deck to four foundation piles, which are located in top upper corner of the screen for single-player game or in the top left corner next to your avatar, when playing with the opponent. The cards of the same suit should be placed to the foundations in the ascending order starting with the Ace up to the King. The cards are initially placed faces down on the tableau piles in the middle of the screen being stacked in seven piles. Only the top cards are turned faces up. Here you can move cards between the piles in order to flip the ones under. Matching cards you can drag to the foundations. If there are no moves, you can draw the face-down cards from the stock. At the start of the game you choose either to have 1 or 3 in a draw. So once the stock is flipped, the cards are placed to the waist pile faces up. And from here you decide where to drag the,, to the foundations directly or to the tableau in order to build up the stacks. In the tableau you should sort the cards in the descending order with alternating colors. If one of the piles gets empty, you can start placing other cards over there, starting with the king. In the tableau you don’t have to build piles of the same suite, rather to keep alternating colors. Once you have dragged all the cards to the foundations, the game is over and you won!

Solitaire Card Game Features

Solitaire Card Game is designed for both Android and iOS devices. It can be played in Online and Offline modes. The best but not the only thing is that Solitaire Card game is totally FREE. The design of the game is well though and no doubt outscores all the other games over there, so you can enjoy smooth friendly user experience, beautiful themes and nice soundtrack.

Our game is very social, you can connect with Facebook or Google+ account and invite your friends to play along. Together with friends you can play in tournaments or “1 on 1” multi-player game mode; you can chat while playing, send and receive gifts. You can also create your own league or become a member of your friend’s league. All of your friends you can add to the Solitaire Card Game friend list.

Apart of having fun with friends, there 20 million other players you can play with and become friends too. You can challenge them in Royal Club tournaments, where we match 8 people to compete for the top prize. You can play in the country or world leagues.

At the beginning of the game we empower you with starter pack of 1000 free chips (game coins), 100 gems and 10 magic. Every hour of the game you get additional 50 chips to play. If you want to get full fuel straight away, there is very attractive starter kit with 80% discount on chips, gems and magic.

Overall there are six game modes in FREE Solitaire Card Game, including “1 on 1” classic Solitaire, different tournaments and also our special Vegas Solitaire, you should definitely try! Also don’t miss three mini games we have, as they are fun as well.